TIGA calls for tax credit to support video game development

TIGA calls for tax credit to support video game development

TIGA calls for tax credit to support video game development

TIGA calls for independent tax credit to support game development

As the trade association for the UK video games industry, TIGA is proposing, as part of a 10-point manifesto, the launch of an Independent Gaming Tax Credit (IGTC), a new “National Games Accelerator” to enable more start-ups to grow, as well as a video game investment fund to create “2,660 additional games development jobs by 2028.”

TIGA’s manifesto, based on “new primary and recent research, surveys of TIGA members and the broader games industry, and numerous discussions with game developers,” also calls for a program of industrial secondment to enable 20 teachers per year to be seconded to studios to improve the teaching of video game development, as well as additional support for BTEC and T-Level apprenticeships and education.

The IGTC, according to TIGA, is expected to mirror the new independent film tax credit, where games with production budgets under £15m could claim a 53% credit on 80% of qualifying spend, bringing it closer to the development scene in the United Kingdom compared to that of Canada, France, Belgium, Australia, Ireland and at least 15 states in the United States.

To view the full manifesto, visit the official TIGA website.

A vision for the future of the UK games industry

“In an era where technology and creativity converge, the video games industry stands as a beacon of innovation and economic vitality,” said Jason Kingsley CBE, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion and Chairman of TIGA. “The next government and parliament have a unique opportunity to propel this dynamic industry to even greater heights. By fostering an environment for growth and innovation, we can ensure the UK remains at the forefront of video game development. »

“TIGA’s aim is to make the UK the best place in the world to develop video games. The UK is already a leader in games development and employs the largest development workforce in Europe,” added Dr Richard Wilson OBE, Managing Director of TIGA. “If the next government and parliament create a favorable environment for our sector, then the UK games development sector can capture an increasing share of the games development market. A thriving video games industry will support high-skilled employment, regional games development hubs and export growth. The TIGA Manifesto sets out a program to enable our games development sector to reach its potential and increase its contribution to the UK economy. »

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