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Anubrata Sarker

Founder & Ceo

Learn Code
Remember it forever

Apidom Coding is an organization that encourages people of all ages to learn Coding by offering them a full course for free. This company is established in the year 2021. It is a systematic way of learning Coding. In this platform, you will be learning app & web development. I am Anubrata Sarker the founder of this company & your instructor. I am an 11-year-old Coder and you will be able to know further details about me on Google. I will teach you Coding in the best way by uploading videos. I know it will not be as good as a live class but hey, don’t worry. You can ask unlimited questions in our Coding blog below and I will be very happy to answer your questions. For further queries, scroll down and you will get the whole details.

Our Services

Our Services

We teach Coding in specially designed schedule

Blockly Coding

It is a type of Coding where we need to arrange Blocks sequentially to complete a particular task 

Web Development

In this type of Coding, we will learn how to develop websites. This part is a very important part of Coding

Android Studio

It is a platform where we run Java code in order to create apps with very high functionality.

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Books written by me

Note that these books are also available in Amazon India

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