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Why Choose 
Apidom Coding?


Every platform in the world demands lakhs of rupees for this course that I am providing for free that is why Apidom Coding is the best. I have done this to spread the joy of learning Coding.


As your instructor is just 11-year-old, he will be able to teach you from the beginning to a very higher level better than others, also I am a very experienced coder and I have worked on different platforms.


As Coding is included in the new education policy, it is important to learn this most precious future skill which can change the world.


In this platform, you will not only learn blockly but also web development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, Python, etc. You will learn Coding in a very interesting way.


Here, you will learn Coding in a fun, interactive and story-telling way. It would be a lot of fun learning Coding in this way.


Here, you will not only learn Coding, but you will also get tips on how to write books on different programming languages.

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