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My new book on Amazon!

I am Anubrata Sarker. I am from Alipurduar, West Bengal, India. I study in grade 6. My school’s name is Stepping Stone Model School. I am an 11-year-old coder. When I was small, I had a keen interest in computers and the apps installed, and then I started learning to code. Recently, when I was 10, I was selected for a program named “Byju’s Young Genius.” I also have a YouTube channel “Coding Tutorials By Anubrata Sarker” Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. So now, speaking about this book, I want to say that I have written this book to nurture young minds interested in coding like me to move forward in their world of IT Development, like developing apps, games, and websites. Please go through every page thoroughly and learn to code, to remember it forever.

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