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Coding - A future skill

What is actually coding or programming?

Well, If you ask me this question then simply the answer will be:

Coding is a language of communicating with computers and provide instructions to them. Well, If I would tell you that not only apps, games, and websites

are the blessings of coding but also the car in which you are riding, The television which is generally very interesting for kids is also a fruit of coding,

The washing machine and even the computer itself are all the blessings of this precious skill. But, how can they be made of those code lines?

Generally, the hardware is not the code. The software of the computer consists of a small chip called the Micro-controller inside them which is coded.

From small things to big everything is coded. Even the industry from which every material comes, their machinery is also coded.

Coding is like the mother tongue of computers. Like we do have our own like Bengali, English, Tamil, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, and many many more. Computers have more than 750 programming languages and they all are programmer-friendly. But if I tell you that they don't understand their own languages.

Yes, you read it right, they don't know their own languages and that is why software like compilers and interpreters convert the code into electronic signals consisting of the binary digits 1 and 0 where 1 means On and 0 means 0ff.

Some programs use compilers while other use interpreters.

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