10 great recipes for sweet and savory clafoutis

10 great recipes for sweet and savory clafoutis

10 great recipes for sweet and savory clafoutis

Clafoutis is very easy to make and allows for quick preparation. Try it with seasonal fruits for a traditional dessert, but also in a savory version, to change up tarts and quiches!

1 / 9 Savoyard clafoutis with tomme des bauges

Here is a savory variation of clafoutis. You will need button mushrooms, Tomme des Bauges and crème fraîche to prepare it. Serve hot to enjoy all its flavor!

2 / 9 Mini clafoutis with cherry tomatoes, zucchini and ham

These mini clafoutis are prepared with soy milk, eggs, slices of ham, tomatoes and a small zucchini. You can present them as a starter or an aperitif. Allow only 30 minutes to prepare them.

3 / 9 Broccoli/gruyere clafoutis

The pieces of broccoli retain their crunch and contrast pleasantly with the softness of the dough. Don’t hesitate to try this recipe to please the whole family.

4 / 9 Gardener’s clafoutis

To stock up on vitamins and satisfy your gourmet desires, prepare this gardener’s clafoutis. The vegetables are tender and go very well with the texture of the mixture. Cut the clafoutis into regular squares to serve as an aperitif!

5 / 9 Apricot-honey clafoutis

The sweetness of honey and the invigorating note of apricot, with the soft paste of clafoutis. A delight!

6 / 9 Cherry tomato and emmental clafoutis

A recipe to prepare in a sharing dish or in small colorful ramekins. Great idea for dinner!

7 / 9 Warm clafoutis with morello cherries and vanilla cream

A delicate and fragrant clafoutis, to enjoy at tea time!

8 / 9 Pear and chocolate clafoutis

The pear-chocolate duo works wonderfully, and we’re testing it in this “clafoutis” version.

9 / 9 Zucchini and goat’s cheese clafoutis

The sweetness of zucchini and the liveliness of goat cheese, a perfect duo for this original clafoutis!

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